The Highlands Theatre Group welcomes its new President for 2017, Steven Clancy, who also happens to be taking the Director’s seat for their May production of ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ at the Mittagong Playhouse.

The hugely popular BBC series which ran from 1994 up until 2007, has been cleverly adapted for the stage by Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter.
Set in the small, fictional, English village of Dibley, the local parishioners are shocked when their much loved Reverend Pottle, dies ‘unexpectedly’ at the age of 102.

Their shock however, is unequal to the one they experience when they discover that Reverend Pottle’s replacement is a woman! Reverend Geraldine Granger is not just vivacious and curvaceous, she is blessed with more than a touch of feistiness when needed and her deep love for the people of Dibley, is rivalled only by her enduring love of chocolate and ice-cream!

The process of adjustment and acceptance that follows as Reverend Granger finds her way into the hearts and lives of the villagers, gives rise to some delightfully heart- warming and hilarious situations, among a lovable group of eccentric and unique characters.
These individual peculiarities and the clashing of personalities, is what makes ‘The Vicar of Dibley ‘so wonderfully entertaining to watch. The background story of each character is gently revealed throughout the play and we learn some of the reasons behind their reluctance to embrace change and rethink traditional, religious values.

You might even find yourself warming to a couple of the initially, less endearing characters. Perhaps poor Owen Nesbitt, with his lax regard for personal hygiene and his unfortunate (for those around him) condition of chronic flatulence will seem just a little more tolerable by the end!